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16 Apr 2019

West Midlands company Crabtree celebrates centenary

  • Crabtree, a leading UK brand of electrical equipment celebrates its 100th Birthday on 17th April 2019
  • A former epicentre of industrial manufacturing in Walsall, the brand welcomes its centenary
  • Celebratory events are taking place 15 – 18th April with colleagues, customers and Crabtree family members

On 17th April 2019 Crabtree, a leading UK brand in electrical equipment, welcomes its 100th Birthday. To celebrate this centenary, Crabtree is holding numerous events with colleagues and customers throughout the UK. Crabtree began in 1919 when John Ashworth Crabtree designed a quick make and break switch.

Throughout the next 80 years the business grew and became the backbone of the manufacturing industry in Walsall and provided jobs for many generations, before becoming a leading brand for Electrium in 1997, one of the UK’s biggest electrical equipment manufacturers and now part of the Siemens family.

John Crabtree’s business continually innovated UK electrical equipment over the last century, and created devices we still use to this day, such as 13A twin sockets, now a staple in homes and businesses across the UK.

Between 15 – 18th April, Electrium will be holding numerous events to celebrate Crabtree’s centenary. Members of the Crabtree family will attend a special memorial service in Walsall on Crabtree’s Centenary on 17th April and will then be joined by colleagues past and present for a gala evening to celebrate the brand’s history.

Colleagues will also be holding special events at selected customer premises throughout the country between 15 – 17th April. Customers attending will have the chance to win prizes and at some events sample a free buffet.

We’re encouraging customers to share their memories of Crabtree. From using our products as an apprentice up to the present day or working for the business, tweet @electriumnews and use #CrabtreeCentenary and share your story.

When it launched in 1919, Crabtree had a motto: “That which is built soundly endures well”. It was inscribed into the company plaque and rightly so. Crabtree was built soundly enough to provide 100 years of electrical safety to its customers and here’s to another century of the same.

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