Siemens UK&I selects Fuuse as preferred supplier for workplace and destination car park EV infrastructure: Fuuse

10 Nov 2022

Siemens UK&I selects Fuuse as preferred supplier for workplace and destination car park EV infrastructure

Siemens has selected charging management software provider Fuuse as its preferred supplier for its electric vehicle charge point hardware, VersiCharge and SiCharge D, in the UK and Ireland.

The agreement will allow Siemens customers that install VersiCharge and Sicharge D charging stations to use Fuuse’s software to proactively manage their charging infrastructure, including costs and energy optimisation.

According to Siemens, customers that use Fuuse software and Siemens charging stations in collaboration will be able to cleverly manage power and load across their charging infrastructure. This will mean organisations are less likely to have to make expensive upgrades on buildings or their energy infrastructure to install charge points in car parks.

The software also allows organisations to create different profiles for different user groups – for instance, customers, employees or visitors – meaning that they can set up multiple fee structures for using of the charging infrastructure. The platform also allows charge points to send push notifications and set flexible overstay fees, alerting users when cars are fully charged, encouraging efficient use of charging bays and maximising user turnover.

Bernard Magee, Managing Director - eMobility at Siemens UK & Ireland, said: “Charging infrastructure needs to scale at pace in the UK if we’re to meet the deadline for the transition to electric vehicles and a large part of this infrastructure will need to comprise private premises including office locations as well as hotels and hospitals. Of course, one perceived barrier for these organisations is cost and the other is forthcoming regulations around smart charging infrastructure. The combination of Siemens charging technologies with Fuuse software helps overcome these challenges by optimising energy consumption, while also providing opportunities for additional revenue.

“As a business focused on supporting our customers with transformation now and in the future, we’re also mindful of providing long-term flexibility too. Since Fuuse’s software works with other hardware on the market, and our charging station products will continue to work with other software, there’s no frustrating ‘vendor lock-in’ meaning that customers have the option to find the best solution for their business. The Siemens charging stations and Fuuse software combination is also fully compliant with 2021’s Electric Vehicles Smart Charge Points Regulations giving organisations peace of mind.”

Michael Gibson, CEO of Fuuse said: “We’re delighted to be working with Siemens who share our vision to make EV charging more accessible and break down barriers to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

“Working together we’re able to combine the best of hardware and software, to help plan, deliver and optimise charging infrastructure, particularly workplaces and destinations, for the benefit of clients and charge point users.

“The Siemens and Fuuse solution offers complete flexibility to configure chargers to balance both business and driver needs, whilst offering complete visibility on charging habits to inform scaling decisions”.

Siemens’ eMobility team is part of Siemens Smart Infrastructure. The business works with charge point operators, councils and private landlords to help provide consultancy, hardware and software that will unlock growth in the UK and Ireland’s charge point infrastructure and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

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