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08 Mar 2018

Siemens publishes its UK Gender Pay Gap

Siemens UK’s consolidated median Gender Pay Gap is 19.6 per cent

Frimley, UK, 2018-Mar-08

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Siemens has published its first UK Gender Pay Gap report. Siemens’ consolidated UK median gender pay gap is 19.6 per cent. The full report with the eleven legal entities listed is available online at: The Company has 15,000 UK-based employees of whom 79 per cent are men and 21 per cent are women.

The numbers of women in engineering in the UK remains stubbornly low at around 9 per cent. Siemens has invested heavily in encouraging and inspiring young women and girls to follow careers in science, technology engineering and maths (STEM). Since 2011 we have invested £10 million in a range of UK initiatives, now part of The Curiosity Project, and in specialist education materials for UK schools and teachers. We have seen an above average intake of female apprentices (9 per cent) and an increase in female graduates (25 per cent) in our last intakes (September 2017).

While Siemens’ published gender pay gap is in line with industry averages (the UK industry median for 2017 is 18.4%) it points to a need for the company to focus more intensely on nurturing women employees to ensure they stay at the company, are encouraged to reach leadership positions and able to flourish at all levels across the company, particularly in management and technical roles.

Simone Davina, General Counsel, Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador, Siemens plc, said: “It’s crucial that we increase the number of women in our organisation and reduce the gender pay gap. With 46 per cent of the country’s workforce being women, we are far from where we want to be. We need to hire, develop and grow everyone.”

Welcoming the publication of gender pay gap data Juergen Maier, Chief Executive, Siemens plc said: “Publishing our gender pay gap is a great opportunity to use the data to set goals, share best practice and measure progress as every business leader in our company strives for significant improvement.”

“With all the tremendous progress we have made there is still much to do. We must be inclusive in everything we do. Anything else is just wrong and also a massive missed opportunity for business in driving high performance organisational cultures that foster innovation, customer focus, creativity, respect and responsibility at all levels.”

The ongoing effort to inspire women to apply for roles in technology and engineering generally and for jobs at Siemens in particular needs to be complemented by more intense efforts promoting women who have joined our company into leadership and ensuring Siemens is a flexible, inclusive environment with an ethos of ‘ownership culture’ where all employees are able to reach their full potential.

There is no room for complacency as we expect to grow our business in the high-tech areas of software development and digitalisation, where the gender pay gap is typically high.

Toby Peyton-Jones, Director of Human Resources, Siemens plc, said: “Who would not want to be part of a team of engineers and professionals helping shape the future of the world we live in for the better? The good news is more women are saying “I’m in” but the challenge is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can flourish. While we have great practices in some areas of our business that we can be rightly proud of, the implementation is not consistent or universal. So our focus has to be on a combination of new ideas and also driving a more rigorous and consequent approach to spreading the good practice we already have and embedding them right across our business community.”

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