Siemens publishes its 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap report: Email Image

08 Mar 2019

Siemens publishes its 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap report

Siemens UK’s consolidated median Gender Pay Gap is 19.79 per cent

Siemens has published its 2018 UK Gender Pay Gap report. Siemens’ consolidated UK median gender pay gap is 19.79 per cent.

Valerie Todd, Human Resources Director at Siemens plc said: “We are beginning to make progress on improving gender diversity but there is more we need to do and more we can do. We are determined to use our position as a global leader in the digital and manufacturing sector to make a real difference, whether it be through our recruitment practices, brand strength or leadership on diversity and inclusion.

"It is only by approaching diversity with concerted and continuous action that we can achieve our ambition of gender balance in our company.”

Responding to the 2018 report Juergen Maier, CEO Siemens plc said: “I continue to be concerned by the gender pay gap at Siemens; despite concerted efforts and a wide range of initiatives, the ratio of men and women has not changed significantly. This is disappointing and just as we need courage to bring ingenuity to life, we need the courage to demand actionable change from ourselves in order to address the barriers, both societal and internally to improve gender diversity and reduce our gender pay gap.

"As well as being vital to the success of any business, we know that gender diversity plays a part in our wider ambitions to challenge outdated gender norms and encourage more girls and women to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and maths."

Simone Davina, General Counsel, Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador, Siemens plc said: “While we have made some progress in improving the gender balance in entry level talent acquisition there is still room for improvement in middle and senior management. That is why we have chosen to focus our attention in the years ahead on four key objectives: Talent Acquisition and Succession; Employee Led Flexibility as an enabler for Inclusive Culture and Women in Leadership. Inclusion is a key for inventiveness and ingenuity for life.

The full report with all relevant legal entities listed is available online at: . Siemens has 15,000 UK-based employees of whom 79 per cent are men and 21 per cent are women.


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