Siemens’ Global Service Operations Centre opens in Lincoln: Siemens’ Global Service Operations Centre opens in Lincoln

24 Apr 2018

Siemens’ Global Service Operations Centre opens in Lincoln

A new Global Service Operations Centre (GSOC) has opened today at Siemens’ Teal Park site. It is the culmination of 11 months’ work to fit out the high-tech facility, which will manage parts and services to support the global network

  • £13 million investment bringing total investment in Teal Park to £48 million
  • State of the art facility will support the global network

The 7,000sqm centre will house Siemens small gas turbine parts and engine storage on the same site as the Siemens Overhaul Facility. Previously the parts centre was located at Freeman Road, approximately two miles away. 

By having spare parts, turbine engine units, tooling and safety equipment in close proximity to where they are needed, efficiency will be improved as parts will not need to travel between the two sites. 

£13 million was invested to fit out the facility, including racking solutions allowing for up to 72 engines weighing between four and eight tons to be racked efficiently.  Since Siemens moved to Teal Park in 2012, more than £48 million has been invested in the site. 

GSOC will also use innovative systems for control of parts management including:

  • SAP system to locate parts in the warehouse
  • Kardex machine to ensure accurate picking which will build quick intelligence on fast-moving parts and their location
  • LEO locative robot for moving stock

Siemens is the first company to use the LEO locative robot and the GSOC will have six in total, helping to improve productivity. LEO works by following a track around the factory using a barcode system on the floor to determine where to go, where to stop and when to sound its horn as it crosses the forklift truck area. 

Approximately 120 people are employed in the GSOC in functions including logistics, operations and the UK customer support team, with 20 people based in the warehouse. The GSOC has also achieved a very good BREEAM rating for its environmental, social and economic sustainability performance. 

Neil Corner, Managing Director of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery said: 

“We’re pleased to have built a new state of the art facility for our employers to work in which also is sustainable and has strong environmental credentials. We’re a proud employer in the local community and have invested £48 million into the Teal Park site in the past five years.

“Opening in the Global Service Operations Centre here marks a positive step for Siemens in Lincoln and the Industrial Gas Turbines product line, providing a world class solution for its global customer base.” 

Lincolnshire business Simons Group was the lead contractor on the project, overseeing the building work. Tom Robinson, Simons Group Chief Executive, said: 

“We’re very proud to have been a part of this project, not least because Siemens has a major impact on Lincoln’s local economy and is an important neighbour of ours. It’s great to be part of this and we hope the new operations centre proves highly successful. We wish the Siemens team all the best.” 


Notes to editors:

GSOC key facts and figures:

  • 7,000sqm facility on the Teal Park site
  • £48 million invested by Siemens into the Teal Park site including building fit-out and investment in key machinery for operations at the site 
  • The facility has strong environmental credentials using LED and controlled lighting and has achieved a very good BREEAM rating for its environmental, social and economic sustainability performance
  • Employees are offered a number of travel options to reduce the number of individual journeys to the site including subsidised public transport, cycle schemes, website to find a car share, lockers, showers, use of company supplied D Locks and free bike tags to encourage cycling and electric car charging points plus some electric cycles for intersite travel.
  • We have a secure by design security rating and are audited by the CAA which allows our business to send airfreight without screening. This saves our customers time and money in getting our part to their locations.

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