Siemens awarded major traffic detection and enforcement contract: siemens-congestion-charge-9948-full.jpg

09 Jan 2015

Siemens awarded major traffic detection and enforcement contract

Siemens has been selected by Transport for London (TfL) to upgrade and operate the Detection and Enforcement Infrastructure (D&EI) contract for the next 5 years including the supply of equipment, systems and services for monitoring the capital’s traffic as part of TfL’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Congestion Charging schemes.

Poole, UK, 2015-Jan-08

Commencing January 2015 with the implementation phase, the new agreement includes the replacement, support, maintenance and operation of instation systems and services including business continuity services for both LEZ and the Congestion Charging schemes. The contract also includes the replacement of ANPR cameras and associated infrastructure for the purpose of enforcement and monitoring. The ANPR cameras will be located on-street across various sites including transportable ANPR for the LEZ scheme.

The current Enforcement Infrastructure contract was awarded to Siemens in October 2005 and included the supply of a complete enforcement system including over 1,300 automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras by Siemens. At around 300 sites, the cameras and system are capable of capturing and processing details of up to six million number plates every day. The agreement to operate and maintain the enforcement infrastructure (known as EISA) is due to expire in February 2016 when the operations and maintenance elements of the new D&EI contract will begin.

Following the recent award to Siemens by TfL of a contract for Traffic Control Maintenance Services and a contract to replace existing speed cameras on selected routes in the Capital, the new D&EI agreement in London is further evidence of the company’s unrivalled capabilities and emerging technologies including tolling and road user charging.

Commenting on the new agreement, Tom MacMorran, Sales and Marketing Director at Siemens, said: ‘Drawing on many years’ service operation in London and elsewhere, we have the experience and expertise to supply and implement solutions such as roadside infrastructure, IT solutions, back-office software and satellite-based systems to achieve or exceed very high availability and detection service level agreements’.

Tolling and road user charging schemes provide value added services to operators and users alike by controlling traffic, reducing congestion and helping to lower the cost of driving. In doing so, they enable the guidance of traffic to lower density routes and ensure mobility in congested urban areas. Siemens provides complete systems including installation, operation, maintenance and service of roadside and back-office distance-based, city and area tolling.

Current tolling and road user charging technologies from Siemens support a range of different schemes including ANPR cameras, DSRC and satellite-based options, with the company capable of offering be-spoke solutions tailored to individual requirements. In support of this development process, Siemens acknowledges the importance of privacy and security authentication and encryption in the design and delivery of comprehensive tolling solutions.

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