Lighting the way forward: Siemens installs IoT Lights – from energy saving to productivity improvements: Enlightd images-2

20 Mar 2019

Lighting the way forward: Siemens installs IoT Lights – from energy saving to productivity improvements

Smart lights adjust to individual lighting preferences, turn off if everyone has left the room, balance artificial light and daylight to give consistent illumination, co-ordinate lighting across defined areas, manage energy use and collect data to help plan the efficient use of space.

Plus, they are designed with wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity to enable adaptation to future applications and data collection needs. This is the basis on which the first digitization of a Siemens UK office using IoT sensors, and the FIRST one in Europe led solely by Siemens, has been carried out at their offices in Manchester.

Steve Foxley, Managing Director Siemens Building Technologies explains “this is not simply a lighting refurbishment project where lights are changed with more efficient LED ones. Siemens Building Performance & Sustainability (BPS) has installed the latest IoT sensors developed by our latest Enlighted IoT Sensors. This technology will deliver further energy savings by managing the lights using capabilities such as task tuning, daylight harvesting and occupancy savings.”

As part of this project, 151 LED fittings with Enlighted IoT sensors will be installed on the 4th floor of the Siemens Manchester office. Acquired by Siemens in May 2018, Enlighted manufactures smart sensors that securely stream data to the cloud and include five sensors in one: temperature, light level, motion, energy, and Bluetooth and are future proofed by being upgradeable.

Shaun Cray, Managing Director Siemens Real Estate (SRE) UK picks up the story “But this is not all. This solution will deliver detailed information about how the office is used allowing SRE and others to continually improve the space and the experience for the users. It also enables improvements in space utilization driving down costs and improving efficiency. Benefits therefore touch on both productivity and well-being, while this IoT solution is paid for by the energy savings from the new lights.”

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