Large-scale energy thinking for local answers: Large-scale energy thinking for local answers

05 Apr 2018

Large-scale energy thinking for local answers

Siemens has secured a contract to design and build a decentralised gas peaking plant in North Yorkshire. It will consist of six SGE86-EM 2MW containers which is the powerful new choice with the highest electrical efficiency in the industry. 

  • Siemens delivers best-in-class  decentralised energy  solution for Hartree Partners

The turn-key power plant will include supply of Siemens transformers, switchgear and power plant controllers giving full automation for the site to be controlled remotely. Beyond this there will be a five year service contract for the maintenance of the site.

As a result of the collaborative project, which will be operational by November 2018, the plant will benefit from increased energy efficiency performance having lower operational costs and low emissions thanks to best-in-class power generation technology.

The contract is one of the first to utilise the new Siemens E-series engines which are ideal for gas peaking plants, industrial power generation and cogeneration, and combined heat and power (CHP) applications. 

Taking many of the principles used on its large-scale plants to deliver a bespoke small-scale solution, Siemens is managing the entire project and all associated infrastructure requirements.

Faye Bowser, Business Development Manager for Siemens Distributed Energy Systems, comments: “Siemens provides a broad spectrum of efficient products and solutions for clean, low-megawatt-range distributed power generation. 

“With the combination of the new 2MW engines and Hartree Partners’ expertise in energy trading, this flexible plant will provide a balanced delivery of critical power to National Grid, ultimately enabling a higher integration of renewable power into the energy system.  

“The current move towards more decentralised energy solutions is gathering pace as companies look for secure and sustainable energy generation and supply answers which match their locality, need and future aspirations. 

“Working in partnership with Siemens, as Hartree Partners has done, means we’ve been able to deliver a best-in-class solution which has been devised and delivered in a collaborative manner to meet the plant’s objectives around cost-effectiveness, carbon footprint, energy security and long-term sustainability.”

Adam Lewis, Head of European Power for Hartree Partners, says: “We are delighted to have collaborated with Siemens on this strategically important energy-related project.  As our local energy needs evolve into the future, we are confident the Siemens power generation solution provides a perfect foundation to meet our ongoing low carbon and energy efficiency ambitions. 

“All aspects of the project, from initial proposals to implementation, have progressed seamlessly and on time and we are on track to start benefitting from a tailor-made, on-site energy generation solution that will lower our energy costs in a sustainable, secure and future-proofed manner.”


To learn more about the new SGE-EM Gas Engines from Siemens, visit Siemens new 2 MW-class SGE-EM gas engines represent a new competitive choice with the highest electrical efficiency and displacement in its category, the smallest footprint and industry-leading cycle times.


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