Global machine builder JJA Pack will “slash downtime” for customers with Siemens solution: Pladis 2021

27 Apr 2023

Global machine builder JJA Pack will “slash downtime” for customers with Siemens solution

JJA Pack, a world-leading specialist in food processing equipment, has expanded its long-term partnership with Siemens by introducing the tech business’ latest diagnostic technology to its customer offering.

A combination of Siemens Edge, attached to the individual machine, and cloud-based AI solution Insights Hub provide a comprehensive picture of a machine’s performance that can be accessed both remotely and in situ. Through the power of AI, the data collected is used to avoid machine downtime by predicting and diagnosing issues remotely.

The new technology means JJA Pack’s engineers have switched to a proactive, predictive maintenance model for its machines reducing the need for customers to report maintenance requirements while optimising machine uptime.

JJA Pack’s existing client base includes the likes of Premier Foods, owner of the Mr Kipling and Oxo brands, Kerr’s Dairy and McGhee’s Bakery.

For the 11-year old business, accessing international markets has previously presented challenges when upgrading or maintaining machines thousands of miles away, which has limited growth potential, but JJA Pack now has the ability to scale its services more effectively.

Jamie Ashpole, director at JJA Pack, said: “We won’t ever hesitate to fly our team to wherever our customers are when problems happen. The trouble is, while we’re in the air, those customers are losing money until we get to site. This technology is transformational from that respect. Prevention is better than cure and by using advance data to predict and act early, we're now able to slash downtime. That’s huge.”

Andy Lane, business development manager, at Siemens said: “It has been our pleasure to support JJA Pack for more than a decade and see their business expand in tandem with the technology we’ve provided. We’re confident this next step in digitalisation will be a gamechanger as the business now confidently expands into new territories and customer service solutions.

“JJA Pack is typical of the strength and depth of the UK’s machine building sector, which often doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves as it quietly produces some of the world’s leading machines. This is a great example of the strides that can be made when we support the country’s manufacturing supply chain to digitise and more than punch above its weight.”

Since it launched in 2011, JJA Pack has been consistently using Siemens’ leading factory automation and motion control solutions including SIMATIC products in its machines.



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