Engineering giant Siemens launches new business in UK to slash cost and carbon for large energy users: Faye Bowser Hi res

11 Jun 2020

Engineering giant Siemens launches new business in UK to slash cost and carbon for large energy users

  • Siemens launches Energy Solutions to help large energy users (including themselves) to reduce costs while increasing productivity,  efficiency and resilience.
  •  The aim is to reduce carbon footprint, even for those with limited risk appetite and budget.
  • The Energy Solutions Team is led by Faye Bowser, who joined Siemens as a mechanical engineering technical apprentice in 2003, served  10 years in engineering focussed roles and then moved into international contracts management for customers.

Manufacturing sites, commercial buildings, universities and business parks are facing three main challenges: improving profitability while managing costs; avoiding energy related disruptions and downtime; meeting internal and customer sustainability expectations. They are seeking resilient production lines, a stronger reputation with their customers on sustainability, improved productivity and lower costs. Siemens have created a new multi-discipline customer team, Energy Solutions, combining world class expertise in engineering, project management and financing for energy optimisation.

“Energy Solutions is driven by sustainability, innovation, and empowering energy users to be part of, and benefit from, the energy transition. Our smart energy solutions are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of each customer – depending on their kind of business, market, energy situation and strategic objectives for supply and usage.”  explains Faye Bowser, Head of Energy Solutions Great Britain and Ireland. “From initial assessment to remote services, we ensure ‘first time right’ success based on our unique combination of digitalization expertise, such as simulation tools and a digital twin approach, and in depth understanding of both the supply side and demand side of energy. Siemens is also able to finance the whole, or a portion of the project, in a variety of different ways”.

Energy Solutions is in for the long haul; offering energy solutions to users, like manufacturing sites, commercial buildings, universities, business parks and municipalities, from design and installation through to service and maintenance.  Faye Bowser adds “We are the only engineering company with end-to-end, technology agnostic solutions;  in product selection we deploy components that give the best for customers results, irrespective of whether they’re manufactured by Siemens.  As  you would expect with Siemens, we focus on quality and reliability and we take full responsibility for maintaining and servicing the products, and guaranteeing performance level. We are trusted partners for customer-centric, sustainable energy solutions. We make sustainable energy easy.”

Faye Bowser joined Siemens as a mechanical engineering technical apprentice in 2003 at its Lincoln gas turbine factory, linked to an honours engineering degree. After 10 years in engineering focussed roles, Ms Bowser moved into international contracts management for customers. She added an EMBA while setting up the UK Distributed Energy Systems team. Her particular focus most recently has been Green Gas, Distributed Energy Systems and Decarbonisation of Heat. Faye Bowser is also an active supporter of Women in Leadership and Women in Engineering.

Energy Solutions officially formed in January, but the team has already carried out projects. Practising what it preaches, it tackled energy-efficiency and on-site generation for the Siemens showcase factory at Congleton, that has played a role in supporting the UK government’s fight against COVID-19. Another example is the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) Living Lab at Keele University, that aims at better understanding how the university produces, distributes and consumes energy while reducing reliance on fossil fuels and significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Municipal projects are also underway with Stoke on Trent and the Isle of Wight.

Faye Bowser sums up “The world of energy is changing towards a low carbon, decentralised system; our role is to work with energy intensive users in the UK to develop a service-based energy savings model that is tailored to suit the users needs. As a manufacturer and international estates owner ourselves – we really understand the challenges facing our customers.”

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